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    How nice! A picture of your mother in law, your ex-wife or husband. Or do you want to play safe and is a family portrait THE item you want?
    It's all possible at BRANDTHOUT, we're not that hard.



    We engrave your photos on a Birchplex plate. A type of wood that consists of several thin layers of birch. Birch wood has the pleasant property that the flame drawing is not too intense. This ensures that the photo looks very cool but still has the natural effect of the wood.

    We do not inpregnate the photo with an oil or other impregnating agent. We believe that the unprocessed birch wood gives the most perfect result for your home.

    An engraved photo of BRANDTHOUT is not only unique, but also gives a whole new dimension to your beautiful pictures. Burning into the wood ensures that you can literally feel the difference between light and dark when you slide your fingers over the wood.

    Just want to add that extra personal touch? A date, a word, a name ... We will engrave it on the photo without any problem; the design entirely according to your wishes.

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