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    Bart; a.k.a. The Master


    Creator and founder of BRANDTHOUT.

    This 39-year old godlike mastermind is responsible for the design of the citymaps, producing, finding out new engraving and lasercut techniques, product designer and noisemaker at the office. Bart himself is a tiny psycho when it becomes towards precision and detail. Nothing will leave the building towards customers as long it's not in perfect condition. Actually a really die hard pain in the ass (sometimes) with a sick twisted kind of humor.

    EsperElin; a.k.a. The Mistress


    This beauty and co-owner of BRANDTHOUT is responsible for the side of marketing, design and making perfection of (almost) everything where Bart ends his activities. EsperElin is really the sunshine within the office, except when it comes to sleepless nights, bad tasting coffee and a shortage of cigarettes.

    Berta-83; a.k.a. The Beast

    The Beast

    She's hot... Very hot!

    This piece of technology is the engraver of the future, send from outer space to become the most important link for BRANDTHOUT. R2D2 is a real pussy comparing to this robot; a 100 Watt CO2 laser machine that makes any engraving or cut assignment possible. We love Berta-83!

    Marijke; a.k.a. Miss Assist


    This no-nonsense chick stood beside the cradle of BRANDTHOUT. With her intelligent vision in marketing, customer service and her legal background. She's the one who makes BRANDTHOUT bigger, better and bolder. Also check out her own company 

    The coffee machine


    Has no opinion, says nothing back towards your head when you are angry and screaming nasty words... and still serving coffee on those moments you really need it.

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