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    Modular structure systems for wall, facade and ceiling; we design, produce and install our structures all by ourselves!

    Looking for something unique? Then you're with BRANDTHOUT. at the right place, from design to realization, we do it all ourselves. This means that we (usually) fit within the budget of the customer and communication is always clear and clear. No problems by external parties, which makes everything easy to coordinate and implement.

    With our extensive imagination, creativity, sick humor and expertise in CAD knowledge, no design is too difficult for us, no matter how big the challenge may be. We think we can do anything ... well, almost anything. In our drawing room (also called office, storage and a gathering place for coffee mugs and wine glasses) your project/structure is professionally drawn, calculated, measured and calculated.

    We have everything in-house, including production and assembly. This means that we risk our own fingers, long hair and loose, torn clothes for injury and unnecessary use of patches. We saw, drill, mill, screw, drink a cup of coffee (before 5 p.m.) and oh yes .... we also do something with a laser machine...

    ... thanks to Berta-83 who's allowed to do the easiest work. This 150Watt CO² laser burns and cuts everyone's mother. This device ensures that all parts of the structure are produced with the utmost military precision, making it a little easier for us and we don't have to think too much.

    Curious what BRANDTHOUT. can mean for your project, interior or wishes?
    Feel free to mail towards [email protected] and we will contact you as soon as possible!
    A caller is faster! You can also send us an app on +31 6 49293465.










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